Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Letters 352 to 366!

352: To an amazing Mentor
353-354: To a couple of pals from my days at Saint Mary'
355: To a former co-worker in Ottawa
356-7: To nurses working over the holidays
358-9: To firefighters doing the same.
360-1: To the owners and publishers of our local newspaper in regards to a union dispute.
362: A Christmas note to my favourite Ottawa family in response to a note from them! 
363: Thank you notes galore for our side hustle, I've written well over 500 of these now but the content is too similar to count them all separately. 
364: A note for my Mom as part of her Christmas present this year <3 a="" after="" cheeky="" d="" discovered="" fact="" font="" haha.="" i="" it="" less="" little="" making="" me="" she="" something="" the="" wish="" written="">
365: A letter to Jason, celebrating all that happened in 2016 and all that awaits in 2017. 
366: A letter to myself, for 2017. I'm trying to steer away from goals, but also to take what I've learned from 2016 and apply it in 2017.

That's a wrap on letters for 2016, with some creative counting and lots of letters to people I love I sent 366 letters & notes out into the world. Halfway through 2016 our life changed pretty significantly and that impacted this project- I still have lots of letters that I want to write, and lots of love left to share. In 2017 I am going to once again try to write a letter a day (365) and see where that takes me! 

Thank you for your support in 2016!

With love, 


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Letters 296 to 351

I keep hoping I will have caught up with these letters, and that hasn't quite happened yet- but I am getting closer! 

Letters 296-316: Are holiday cards being sent to residents of a local nursing home to help brighten their holidays. 
Letters 317-318: Went to my two favourite Ottawa families, accompanied by some NS themed holiday goodies!
Letters: 319-325: Were given to six of our collaborators at work, with gratitude for their help this year! 
Letters 326-349: Christmas Cards sent to our family, friends & co-workers (also totally friends)! About half of these went to people we see all the time, and the other half to friends we see on special occasions and those living out of province. We are so thankful to have such a lovely collection of friends :) 
Letter 350: To Jason's Dad for his birthday! 
Letter 351: A Christmas Card for a little girl named Hailey who loves getting Christmas Cards in the mail :) It's not too late to send her one now!! She's hoping for a enough she can make a pile to jump in on Christmas morning! 
Hailey Rodenhiser 
151 Hirtle Rd, 
Dayspring, N.S.,
B4V 5R1

Only 15 left to write, and a little over 15 days to write them! 

Sending you lots of love this holiday season :)