Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Letters 352 to 366!

352: To an amazing Mentor
353-354: To a couple of pals from my days at Saint Mary'
355: To a former co-worker in Ottawa
356-7: To nurses working over the holidays
358-9: To firefighters doing the same.
360-1: To the owners and publishers of our local newspaper in regards to a union dispute.
362: A Christmas note to my favourite Ottawa family in response to a note from them! 
363: Thank you notes galore for our side hustle, I've written well over 500 of these now but the content is too similar to count them all separately. 
364: A note for my Mom as part of her Christmas present this year <3 a="" after="" cheeky="" d="" discovered="" fact="" font="" haha.="" i="" it="" less="" little="" making="" me="" she="" something="" the="" wish="" written="">
365: A letter to Jason, celebrating all that happened in 2016 and all that awaits in 2017. 
366: A letter to myself, for 2017. I'm trying to steer away from goals, but also to take what I've learned from 2016 and apply it in 2017.

That's a wrap on letters for 2016, with some creative counting and lots of letters to people I love I sent 366 letters & notes out into the world. Halfway through 2016 our life changed pretty significantly and that impacted this project- I still have lots of letters that I want to write, and lots of love left to share. In 2017 I am going to once again try to write a letter a day (365) and see where that takes me! 

Thank you for your support in 2016!

With love, 



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